Frequently Asked Questions

What is CleanKIX Lab?

We are Utah’s only sneaker shop that specializes in cleaning shoes! We love bringing shoes back to life with a little bit of magic from our cleaning crew.

How does it work?

Simply stop by CleanKIX Lab in Bountiful, bring in your shoes, select which cleaning service best fits your shoes, and pick them up just a few days later.

How long does it take?

Our standard turn around time is 3 business days, but we have upgrades available if you need them sooner. If you need them same day they need to be dropped off before 2pm.

What shoes/materials do you clean?

We clean all shoes! Whether its athletics shoes that smell like a locker room, dress shoes that have lost their shine, or your favorite sneakers that are looking more like beaters we have you covered.

Some of the most common materials we clean are leather, canvas, suede, corduroy, and rubber.

Do you have pickup/drop off services?

We do not currently have pickup/drop off services, but we are looking to add them in summer 2022!

Do you repair shoes?

We currently focus on cleaning shoes and will be adding shoe repair later this year.